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Enter the gene that has a pathogenic mutation, the age, and gender of the patient to calculate the risk of future cancers.


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Prior Surgery (Check all that apply):                    
 Mastectomy (bilateral)

Prior Cancer (Check all that apply):
 Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor
 Small Intestine
 Soft Tissue Sarcoma
 Upper Urinary Tract
 Urinary Bladder

Computations are provided by the Risk Web Service developed jointly by the Hughes Lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Bayes Mendel Lab at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Please note, if the patient has had cancer, we have not yet predicted future risk of a second primary cancer. We are constantly updating the ASK2ME™ tool and look forward to providing this information in the future.

The estimates on this website are based on extensive literature review identifying reliable studies on the cancer risk implications for each gene. Please contact us here.